CoDeSys will now be actively distributed in North America by Data Acuity Inc. Data Acuity was founded by Jim Desrosiers who has nearly 20 years of automation experience, and most recently led the international sales department of an automation software company for many years. With Data Acuity 3S now has a competent distribution and support partner for CoDeSys and the product extensions around CoDeSys in the US. Well known German automation specialists such as WAGO, Beckhoff, Bosch Rexroth, SMA, and Parker who have subsidiaries in the US have already introduced CoDeSys to the US automation market. Additionally 3S has direct OEM customers in the US who program their devices with CoDeSys. “Our tremendous success in Europe has been achieved by hard work and dedication to each of our partners’ unique challenges. I feel that now is the right time to extend that hard work and dedication to the US market place.”, says Manfred Werner co-Managing Director and Founder of Smart Software Solutions. Together with its new distributor Data Acuity Inc., 3S now plans to strengthen its position on the US market and further promote CoDeSys among machine and plant builders as a complement to the products of full-range automation suppliers.