3P Services was founded in 1992 in the Emsland – the oil-producing region in the North-West of Germany. Since its first days, 3P Services has been an independent, privately owned company. Today, more than 100 professionals cover the wide spectrum of activities necessary to ensure the high technological standards and quality in service. Historically, the initial step was to develop the fundamental technology, required to apply the MFL principle on in-line inspection tools for pipeline diameters as small as 4. Other inspection technology followed, like the DMR and GEO. Special applications, like bi-directional pump-in/pump-out inspection tools, served well to overcome “non-piggable” pipeline situations. The “HandyScan” line of MFL scanners has been developed since the early days parallel to the intelligent pigs. First, it was applied exclusively within 3P Services’ follow-up support to the client after an in-line inspection. Local internal corrosion, even if precisely located by the MFL pig, is very difficult to find from the outside by means of UT measurement. Since the scanners proved to be very efficient, 3P Services extended its service into general inspections for internal pipe corrosion and bottom side tank floor corrosion for refineries and the chemical industry. Only after years of inspection experience with the HandyScan system and many improvements, this equipment became a sales item.