1Robotics specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of fielded ground and maritime robotic systems. Our solutions can be provided as standalone products or full turn-key systems. 1Robotics offers unmanned ground robots, land robotic devices and a wide range of maritime ROVs, AUVs and USVs for military and security applications. Our systems are used in various defense applications, undersea mine hunting, homeland security, render-safe and support area applications and programs. Our expertise in engineering, electronics, hydrodynamics and automation are the key to our products and services and enable 1Robotics to provide support in the domains of Navigation, Piloting of Robots, Autonomy and Designing of Turn-Key Systems. 1Robotics’ support staff includes more than 400 engineers, scientists and administrators providing professional services in Maritime and Ground Robotics for commercial and military system development and manufacture. We use our in-house experts to best able solve the problems and accomplish the given tasks. Years of Maritime Robotic Experience enables us to work with the customer in taking our innovations from “cradle to grave”, providing exceptional product production and field support. 1Robotics is constantly evolving to have ” Tomorrow’s Answers Today in Unmanned Land, Surface and Undersea Technology”™ . The 1Robotics’ objective is to eliminate doubt, diminish risks and save lives by supplying reliable systems and professional services.